2 Packs Natural Incense Smudge Bricks and Burner - Rose Wood


Immerse your surroundings in the gentle and captivating scent of rose wood with our 2 Packs of 15 Natural Incense Smudge Bricks and Burner. This thoughtfully assembled bundle comprises 2 x 15 premium incense bricks and an elegantly designed terracotta holder, offering you a complete and convenient smudging experience.

The incense smudge bricks in this package feature the delightful fragrance of rose wood. This enchanting aroma is known for its ability to instil a sense of calm, promote love and compassion, and enhance the overall atmosphere.

The included terracotta holder not only serves a functional purpose but also adds a touch of elegance to your smudging practice. It enhances the ambiance and aesthetic of your space.

Perfect for cleansing home, meditation space, or personal aura, these rose wood smudge bricks are a versatile addition to the daily routine. Use them during yoga sessions or whenever you desire a serene and harmonious atmosphere.

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