Original Hippy - The Ethos

There is an age we all pass through, a magical time somewhere between the ages of 12 and 16, when our subconscious soaks up our new found knowledge of the world around us. No longer a child but not yet an adult our experiences are changing and we discover a previously unknown freedom, the freedom to be who we want to be.

During these heady but uncertain years we move between excitement and pain, between wonderment and fear and between certainty and self doubt a thousand times a day. But never again will life feel so intense. Every sight, sound, taste and smell will remain with us and these sensations will be revisited throughout our lives. Our basic morality, political stand and philosophy on life has its foundations laid during this time. The music, fashion and government of the day will always have an influence on our style and our opinions however mature and sophisticated we become.

My "magic" time was the late sixties and early seventies. I vividly recall walking round Brighton on sunny Saturday afternoons with my friends. Sauntering through the Lanes with the smell of patchouli, jasmine and marijuana filling the air. Every shop tempting us with rows of orange, purple and multicoloured cheesecloth and tie dye. Drinking milkshakes in open air cafes and listening to the sound of Dylan and Bowie filtering from the record shops. It was a time it seemed, when the world was tired of war, when peace was the order of the day and a feeling that my generation was going to truly change the world.

I wanted to create that magic for others. And so Original Hippy was born.

Original Hippy seeks to promote the philosophical values of those years so long ago when peace and love were the words on everyone's lips. This is why Original Hippy only retails goods from suppliers who have a fair trade policy, and who avoid any products that involve child labour or cruelty to animals.

Original Hippy is committed to spreading peace and love at all levels and giving a little bit of "magic" back to the world.

- Pauline Golds (an original hippy)

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